The second international conference on Quantum Information, Spacetime, and Topological Orders


Prof. Bei Zeng(曾蓓)

Prof. Hui Zhai(翟荟)

Prof. Dapeng Yu(俞大鹏)

Prof. Weiqiang Chen(陈伟强)

Prof. Man Hong Yung(翁文康)

Prof. Xinhua Peng(彭新华

Local organizers:

Prof. Yidun Wan(万义顿)

Prof. Ling-Yan Hung(孔令欣)

Prof. Heping Zhao(赵鹤平)

Prof. Qingping Zhou(周清平)

Dr. Guodong Kang(康国栋)

Yanliang Zhang(张延亮)

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Our first conference on the subject successfully held in December 2016 happened to celebrate the victory of condensed matter physics, in particular topological quantum matter, in 2016. The emergent phenomena in topological orders not only play a fundamental role in condensed matter physics but also point to a new way of thinking about spacetime, namely as an emergent entity of more fundamental discrete degrees of freedom. On the other hand, the anyonic excitations in topological orders also lead to topological quantum computation---a quantum computing scheme robust again local errors. Recent advances have shown that topological orders, quantum computation, and emergent gravity are intimately and deeply related.

In order to efficiently exchange the rapid developments and cultivate collaborations in the interdisciplinary studies of the subject, we once again aim to assemble the leading theorists and experimentalists of topological orders, quantum information and computation, and emergent gravity in this second conference.