QuIST III: The 3rd International Conference on Quantum Information, Spacetime, and Topological Orders

Haerbin University of Industry 哈尔滨工业大学


主办: Prof. Yidun Wan(万义顿)- Fudan University

主办: Prof. Ling-Yan Hung (孔令欣)- Fudan University

协办: Prof. Xinhua Peng(彭新华)- University of Science and Technology of China

协办: Prof. Dawei Lu(鲁大为)- South University of Science and Technology

Local organizers:

Prof. Guixin Tang(唐圭新)

Dr. Yanyu Ren(任延宇)

Dr. Tao Ying(应涛)

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QuIST III第三届量子信息、时空、拓扑态国际会议将于2018年1月3日-1月7日在黑龙江省哈尔滨市召开。 本次会议将有100余名国内外相关领域的专家学者参会,其中近20位特邀国际知名专家学者将作精彩的学术报告, 会议包括主题报告、分组报告、墙报、自由讨论等环节。此次国际学术会议的召开将为相关领域的专家学者提供面对面的学术交流平台,促进该领域研究中心的建立,并进一步推动这一领域的发展,欢迎您的到来!

The emergent phenomena in topological orders not only play a fundamental role in condensed matter physics but also point to a new way of thinking about spacetime, namely as an emergent entity of more fundamental discrete degrees of freedom. On the other hand, the anyonic excitations in topological orders also lead to topological quantum computation---a quantum computing scheme robust again local errors. Recent advances have shown that topological orders, quantum computation, and emergent gravity are intimately and deeply related.

Our previous two conferences (in December 2016 and July 2017) on the subject were very successful. Since then, there has been quite a few relevant advancements made by various research groups. It is therefore timely to have our third conference in order to efficiently exhcange the rapid developments and cultivate further and deeper collaborations in the interdiscipinary studies of the subject.